We’re here to help you learn about topics such as microaggressions, unconscious bias, and intersectionality. Why? We’ve all experienced first hand what it’s like to not be accepted because of who we are. We understand these issues because we’ve lived them in our own lives. From recruitment, to onboarding, to compliance, we’ve got you covered. Our team remains on-call throughout your implementation process to answer any questions that come up and to ensure your success.


What we offer


Speaker Series

Our translators share their personal stories to offer a peek into the realities of being different in the workplace. We invite participants to reflect on their own experiences of disconnection and authenticity.


Best Practices Training

Our expert facilitators lead interactive trainings on hot topics. We’ll cover key terms, outline dos and don’t for affirming diversity, and discuss strategies for building successful diverse teams. We aim for this experience to be an open dialogue.


HR Consulting

Together with your HR team, we’ll work through every step of creating an inclusive workplace. We’ll address how to handle common challenges as well as how to recruit and retain a diverse workforce.

Learn about our areas of expertise

Women in the Workplace

Understand and navigate the issues and discrimination that women face on the job.

Race in the Workplace

Gain insight into race relations in and out of the workplace.


Generation Gap

Connect employees of all generations and help them understand one another.

Gender awareness & transgender

Get to know various expressed genders and the social climate for transgender employees.